we're working out on our new farm, just released a new menu for the summer, farmer produce is coming in, our garden is already producing... it's starting out to be a busy spring! every year we close the week up to July 4th to refinish our tables, tear the place apart and clean it and do maintenance that hard to do with only one day off each week! we'll reopen all day Thursday the 5th (our second year anniversary!!!) through Saturday the 7th! Then the following week, on July 10th we'll start opening Olive on Wednesday nights with a special menu and no reservations... just walk right in! details coming soon! hope to see you out on the patio!



01/24/2014 1:15pm

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09/11/2014 1:37pm

Your farm and your work will be remembered for years thanks a lot.

09/12/2014 2:39am

I was really looking forward to seeing your new farm. Right from the start I know it would be more than everyone had thought.

09/12/2014 3:11am

Great news. I wish I was there to witness the opening take place. Great work anyhow.

11/07/2014 3:52am

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11/10/2014 12:51pm

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