a panoramic photo of Olive taken by the folks at Bing (website browser) early tonight!



11/10/2014 1:50am

A wonderful photo truly capturing place, the lightings are enhancing the beauty of the place. I would like to see a photo of this place taken during day time and I am sure it will still look as good as it look during the night.

01/10/2015 6:34am

I begin soaking in free fall, little by small, discharging air pockets and appreciating the scene, the inclination of weightlessness. Jumping is the inclination of most extreme flexibility. I can't feel my weight; I'm flying downwards, upwards. I see everything plainly, I see the sand beneath, the sun above, and I'm skimming amidst the profound blue that all of a sudden feels so well known. Like getting back. Yet I am a guest in this water planet inside planet Earth.

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