1. Olive was CLOSED all day October 27th, as 5th Street was closed for Hauntfest and since it's usually a slow sales day, we decided to let the staff go play... so we're sorry if we missed you!!

2. We plan to launch our new fall menu beginning Thursday, November 1st!!! come see all the new comfort foods and healthy alternatives we have lined up for you! we'll post all the new menus on our website by First Friday that week!!! www.olivedive.com

3. The art of Ben Riddlebarger goes up next week on our walls! huge thanks to Ron Rollins for letting us keep his art up for the last two months!! you should consider buying one!!!

4. Do you want to get pictures of the daily specials? Like us on our fan page https://www.facebook.com/olivedive and make us a 'special interest' also (see this option by hovering over the like button), so you'll always be in the loop! (side effects may include drooling on your desk, sudden cravings for local goodness and an incredible urge to make reservations or to order carry out by calling 222.DIVE (3483)! BYOB)

5. announcing our new 'dine at 5 or 9 discount'!!!
*make your reservations for 5pm or 9pm & get 10% off your bill if you mention the discount! you'll have your table for an hour & 15 minutes to qualify, so we can book a table after you! - or we can head on home if it's late, late night reservations can have a bit more time though!*

Thanks to all of you for supporting our little dive!

Fifth Street will be closed at Wayne Avenue and we've just found it to be a slow day, so we're letting our staff go play!